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Wo are we?

With over 10 years of presence in the Swiss pre-owned vehicle guarantee market, NSA Garantie's activities took off in 2000 with the start of its partnership with the Europäischen Reiseversicherungs AG.


Our success in Switzerland have opened the German, Austrian and Slovenia markets where we cover a number of leading companies in their sectors. Our collaboration for this warranties is with Helvetia Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft in Frankfurt.


We remain attentive to our client's changing requriements and invest a great deal of enegy in improving and personalising our services. We have remained true to our motto: NSA Garantie, an extra service.

Rapid and efficient service: you personal advisor is always avaialable.
Personalised coverage: we cover all manufacturers and can adapt our guarantees to your specific needs.
For all sales agents: direct online access to your account, with new guarantee creation, claims processing, invoicing and much more!



Our motto

We insure technical components of our clients' vehicles, so in case of an accident they remain mobile.

We provide quick, simple service, friendly to clients and garages, and in line with the general insurance terms and conditions. We pay out compensation if an insured parts becomes non-functional during the insurance term.

After successful verification of coverage you will immediately be paid compensation according to the guarantee claim after invoice is received.

We share with our clients the passion for cars, we constantly offer suitable insurance solutions and we are committed to help in case of an accident. And we do all that sticking to our motto:



"NSA Garantie. More than just a service."