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That is how you should do it! Simply, quickly and efficiently!

Before you do anything, check the validity of your insurance policy.


The policyholder will not assume responsibility nor reimburse the expenses for any work done on the vehicle that has not been previously approved by the policyholder.
Step 1:
Go to the nearest garage. If your vehicle needs towing, call our 24-hour telephone number for emergencies:
Emergency helpline:
Switzerland: 0848 801 803
Abroad: +41 (0)848 801 803
Toll-free number: 00800 8001 8003
Toll-free number is not available from all countries.
Step 2:
The garage fills out the claim form and sends it to NSA Garantie:
claims department
Telefon: +41 (0)44 480 14 64
Fax: +41 (0)44 480 14 65
Fax EU: +41 (0)848 848 809
Download claim sheet
The following documents have to be attached to the claim form:
- copy of the vehicle registration certificate
- copy of vehicle maintenance log
- photos of damaged parts (if required)
Step 3:

Claims Department examines the received documents. If coverage applies, the garage will on the same day be notified that costs will be reimbursed.


If a vehicle breaks down abroad and cannot be repaired in 48 hours, we provide an assessment of towing to the policyholder's domicile country.


Repatriation can only be initiated by us.

Step 4:
Now the vehicle can be repaired.
Step 5:

The garage sends NSA the invoice for the agreed amount to:

NSA Garantie
Moosstrasse 75
CH-8038 Zürich

Step 6:
Invoice is paid in 30 days.